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24/08 2010

Hawaii, USA

Come and celebrate our amazing Grass = BAMBOO!

Around the world of <green incentives> is the grass that everyone is wondering about = BAMBOO.  The masked grass is the fastest, straightest way to the heavens when it comes to GREEN and the miracle of photosynthesis. It can connect the earth with the skies quicker than any other green growing resource that we know to date.

The island of Maui in Hawaii has blazed the trail through the housing jungle on our planet today. The Kahua Institute and Bamboo Living have embarked upon a 20-year long project to date in order to better understand the spirit of this mighty grass and how we can all share in it’s grace. Kutira Decosterd and David Sands have brought together a living example of exactly the way they want the world to be around them. Life in a bamboo home is their mission and on September 18th they will hold a celebration for World Bamboo Day.World Bamboo Day was inaugurated last year in Bangkok where David and Jeffree Trudeau were guest speakers at the World Bamboo Conference for this special event organized by the World Bamboo Organization. This year Jeffree will be representing the World Bamboo Organization and Bamboo Living while speaking and conducting a workshop at this year’s celebration in Nagaland, India.

Here on Maui the Kahua Institute will host a day-long gathering with the sole purpose of educating those who have interest in this world-wide movement to discover the multitude of ways that bamboo can benefit our island and the state we are in. There will be guest speakers, local performers, organic and bamboo cuisine and tours of the historical development of code-approved bamboo structures. The festivities will be held on the grounds where,17 years ago,the first code-approved and certified bamboo structure to be accepted by building officials in the western world, where it is being used as a guest retreat for lovers of bamboo and life.

If you are coming from off island, there are a limited number of rooms available in the bamboo retreat center. Please call for reservations. Your stay will include a tour of the bamboo farm and a film showing of the bamboo farm’s historic development over the last 17 years.

For more information on the retreat center and institute, please see:

For info on Bamboo Living – the first and only company that leads the way in certification and code approval -

For what will be happening in the rest of the world on this day:


WHERE: Door of Faith Raod,  Huelo  HAWAII   (directions below)

TIME: 1pm – 6pm (come any time / drop in / stay all day)

What to expect:  A jungle garden of over 30 types of tropical clumping bamboo, displays and exhibits of bamboo items – both useful and artistic, a bamboo book library containing works from around the world, 9 bamboo homes including the historic “First of it’s Kind” and kitchens with bamboo cabinetry, with bamboo floors and furniture, great conversation, families, friends, fun.

Maui and bamboo are one in this garden of eden…

BYO = Bring your own food to share with others (“Potluck”).  Beverages will be provided.  Bring coolers with ice for refrigeration.

DIRECTIONS: Driving to Kutira and Raphael’s

Kahua O’Malio Bamboo Retreat

From the airport, take Hwy 36, (the Hana Highway). Proceed through the town of Paia. There are green highway markers (which start with “0″ in Kahului). When you reach mile marker “16″, (at the junction of Hwy 365) the mile markers begin again with “0″. Continue on Hana Highway past the “3″ mile marker. At about 3.5 miles, on the left you will see a turn out road with a double row of mailboxes, and a little house/bus stop with a bench.  This is Door of Faith Rd. From this point on our place is only 1 mile away. Turn left down Door of Faith Rd. The road veers to the right. Stay on this road until you see the road turns to the left, on the right side in this blind corner is a large round mirror and on the left side a sign that says “15 mph”.  The paved road turns to the left here but you will continue to go STRAIGHT ahead onto a gravel/dirt road. Your instinct might be to stay on the paved road, but dare to follow our directions and go straight onto the gravel/dirt road.  You are half way there – only half a mile to go.

We need your support to drive slowly when you enter the dirt road. Our neighbors are sensitive to the speed and we do have children playing. Please start your meditation with 5 miles per hour when you enter the gate of old Hawaii.

Straight ahead you will see a driveway to a house but as you get closer you will see the road veers down to the right, stay to your right, then it goes over a small bridge. Right after that you see on the left side a sign “Bamboo Farm” pointing up the hill. Keep driving  up the hill.  Then you will come to a fork, with an other small arrow sign pointing left that says, “Bamboo Farm”. Follow the arrow to the left, and keep going, you will finally come to a sign on the left that says, “Kahua O’Malio Bamboo Farm By Appointment Only” .
Drive straight through bamboo gate which will be open.Pass bamboo house on left then 500 ft,come to small parking lot on right and pass by till another bamboo house on right(100 ft).PARKING ATTENDANT WILL ASSIST YOU AND DIRECT YOU TO FESTIVITIES.

TELEPHONE:  call only if you are LOST and can’t find us :  808-572-6006

RSVP :  It will be really helpful if you let us know you are coming!

Please send an email to Kutira and Nicole

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12/08 2010


18 September 2010

CO2 Bambu, based in Granada, Nicaragua, working with the World Bamboo Organization, will participate in World Bamboo Day September 18 by hosting a number of activities in Nicaragua to highlight the work they are doing throughout the country to foster the development of a full- fledged bamboo industry.  These activities will include:

1)    Open house at CO2 Bambu’s factory in Granada and tour of two Guadua-based bamboo homes
Address:   km 49.5 Carretera Nandaime (Granada, Nicaragua) (please contact Thelma, see below)
CO2 Bambu’s factory in Granada is home to final processing of bamboo pillars and bamboo mats.

2) Official opening and open house of CO2 Bambu’s first Urban Renovation project that will consist of a pre-fabricated bamboo structure integrated with an existing artist studio in Granada, Nicaragua

3) Official launch of a guadua nursery in the indigenous communities of RAAN, in Wasakin.

4) Open house of the first CO2 Bambu house to be assembled in RAAN.  This house will be constructed in early September and will be available for viewing on World Bamboo Day.  Visitors to Rosita will be able to also visit nearby bamboo fields.

For more information or directions, please contact Thelma Ginsberg of CO2 Bambu:  (+505) 8739-2329

CO2 Bambu Home, Nicaragua

CO2 Bambu home interior

CO2 Bambu homes on pillars in flood-prone areas

CO2 Bambu factory

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12/08 2010

United Kingdom

18th September 2010

From midday onwards, at the Chang Thai Restaurant and Globe Bar:
An exhibition of things Bamboo to celebrate World Bamboo Day
Free entry

Open to all Market Street LUDLOW  / Shropshire SY7 1BP
Bicycles  /  Clothing  /  Bamboo Flooring  /  Bamboo plant sales  /  Fresh cooked bamboo shoots lunch

For more information telephone 01584 856 200

Sponsored by Jungle Giants, RawBambooBikes, The Bamboo Society, and the Online Bamboo Floor Company.

WBO extends great thanks to Michael Brisbane of Jungle Giants for coordinating this celebration.

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10/08 2010

Massachusetts, USA


It is happening all over the world, but here is your chance to participate locally!

You are cordially invited to come to the World Headquarters of the World Bamboo Organization, which just so happens to also be the home, office and garden of Susanne Lucas. Susanne is the Executive Director of WBO and its founding CEO!

WHERE:  9 Bloody Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360
TIME: 1pm – 6pm  (come any time / drop in / stay all day)

What to expect: A forested garden of over 60 types of cold-hardy bamboo (many are evergreen in winter), displays and exhibits of bamboo items – both useful and artistic, a bamboo book library containing works from around the world, a recently renovated kitchen of bamboo cabinetry , bamboo plants and items for sale (all proceeds go to the WBO), great conversation, families, friends, fun.

Come see what bamboo is all about!

BYO =  Bring your own food to share with others (“Potluck”). Beverages will be provided. Bring coolers with ice for refrigeration.

Also happening:  Open House for The Northeast Chapter of the American Bamboo Society members (a short business meeting will take place at 5pm)


TELEPHONE:  call only if you are LOST and can’t find us :  508-224-9898

RSVP :  It will be really helpful if you let us know you are coming!

Please send an email to Susanne =

World Bamboo Organization Headquarters, Plymouth, MA USA

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22/07 2010

Nagaland, India

Greetings from Nagaland!

Today is the last day of preparation for the festival and workshop to celebrate the second annual World Bamboo Day. It has been raining heavily and many roads are closed due to mudslides. We are all keeping high spirits and impressed with the mobilization of people power with some machines to clear the roads and direct alternative routes. Nagaland is a stunning example of the bamboo culture in the India countryside, woven together with lush streams,rivers and mountain life.

Kamesh has done an amazing coordination of local and state Government officials as well as gathering community involvement and support to launch this 3 day workshop and celebration in the land of festivals. I am honored to be one of the proud delegates to represent the world of bamboo.

Opening ceremony is tomorrow morning when the sun will shine.

Jeffree Trudeau and Kamesh Salam

Jeffree Trudeau and Kamesh Salam

On September 18, the WBO promotes the celebration of World Bamboo Day around the world. This key event will be held in India at Kohima, Nagaland, endorsed by WBO and hosted by the Govt. of Nagaland, India, under the able guidance of Mr. Neiphiu Rio, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Nagaland, and Honorary Council Member, WBO.

WBO President, Mr. Kamesh Salam, is busy planning all the details. The highlights of this celebration will take place from the 18th to 22nd September, including:

Bamboo Planting
Run for Bamboo (Marathon Run)
Craft Competition
Workshops (including one by Jeffree Trudeau of BambooLiving)
Painting Competition for School Children
Bamboo Music Festival
Bamboo Food Festival
Exhibitions on Bamboo Craft and Products

This celebration in Kohima anticipates over 500 participants from around the world, including members of the WBO, high-level policy-makers from the Govt. of India and North East India, Ambassadors of ASEAN countries and the Consulate of the US Kolkata office, etc.

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22/07 2010


World Bamboo Day in Brazil !

Please join Fernando Tombolato, Rede Social do Bambu and the group in Brasil to party among the bamboo at the IAC Botanical Garden, Campinas Sao Paulo on 18 September to celebrate World Bamboo Day!

For more information, go to

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22/07 2010


18 September 2010 is a fasting day of the Jewish Yom Kipur, therefore we at Bamboo Center will celebrate World Bamboo Day a week early, probably on September 7, a day before the Jewish New Year.

Our program will include the Second Bamboo Festival of the Bamboo Center, after the success of the first one held March 18-20 2010.

For more information, contact:
Ran Lichtner
Bamboo Center