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3/09 2014

World Bamboo Day Logos

Find all your World Bamboo Day Logos here.  We encourage ANYONE who wants to CELEBRATE WORLD BAMBOO DAY to please use these official logos!  Send us your event info and we will post it on our website, Twitter, Facebook, etc

And we will post your celebration pics too!  Just send them our way as jpegs!  ENJOY.


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27/09 2012

A HUGE SUCCESS all over the world!

WOW, what an amazing evolution… or maybe it is best described as a REVOLUTION!  World Bamboo Day started from very humble beginnings in 2009, with a couple hundred people raising their arms and hearts for bamboo during the 8th World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok.  WBO President Kamesh Salam successfully convinced the Royal Forest Department of Thailand and the Thai government to declare September 18 as World Bamboo Day.  The inauguration was a joyous celebration (see story). Little did we know then, but truly did we all hope, that World Bamboo Day would gather energy and coalition, as the next two years gave birth to marvelous celebrations in various countries around the world.

This year, World Bamboo Day 2012 has been a HUGE SUCCESS, bringing forth far-reaching organized celebrations,ceremonies,events, competitions, festivals, training seminars, and music shared by THOUSANDS of people!  We here at World Bamboo are very happy and quite amazed, frankly.

Read on and see the photos from around the world.    How did you celebrate?  Send us your comments and photos, and we’ll be proud to add your event (small or large, quiet or loud) to this website!

From Alvin Yudistira, in Bali – Indonesia:

<<We celebrated WBD at a National Seminar, called “Bamboo Development for Increasing People’s Economic Potential and Environmental Conservation”. It was a collaboration of the Agriculture Technical Faculty at the University of Udayana, and the
Alumni Association of the University of Udayana (Ikayana) in Denpasar, September 2012. In this year the University of Udayana has celebrated its 50th year anniversary of the founding of the university. Many events were held and Dr. Diah Kencana arranged the National Seminar. Three other speakers presented after Dr. Diah Kencana, and the Rector opened the event with beating the gong, as a bamboo orchestra from Bali made alive the seminar with specialized nuances of traditional Bali, followed by the Regent of Gianyar Regency, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja and Bamboo Warrior Jatnika. After the Seminar went to visit the bamboo plantations in Kerta, Payangan, Gianyar. There are plans for a 500-hectare bamboo plantation specialized in bamboo shoot of Tabah species, endemic to Bali. Told that Tabah is such a sweet edible shoot suitable for export, farmers are training and developing packaging machines preparing for export. The seminar and tours of the bamboo shoot plantations were a real success, and all were happy to celebrate World Bamboo Day, especially happy to learn more about bamboo :)      >>

From Anna Mion, of EBS-France:

<<  This year 2012, in a French school from the region of Champagne, a school class which created an insect shelter as a special project won a National Prize and is now assailed by requests to build more. This particular insect shelter has bamboo culm sections inserted in the nests. The bamboos were brought by a member of the Association European Bambou -France, who also gave the children a presentation about bamboo to answer their many questions about the 18 September, World Bamboo Day. The teenagers wanted to know about bamboo growth, the geographical origins, the climate and the utility and uses of bamboos in those regions around the world. >>

From Ramon Parica Jr., Community Development Program Coordinator of Arellano University in Manila, Philippines:

<<  Thank you very much for your support to our celebration. It was very successful and in fact we are very happy to have this celebration at Arellano University in Pasig. This is our biggest celebration so far with about 2000 or more people in attendance. >>

Vincent Villanis of Ontario Bamboo says,

<< With over 100 guests and delegates. We made history in Canada on World Bamboo Day…ABS CBN, the largest news media in the Philippines, attended our celebration in Canada. Good PR for World Bamboo Day as Dr. Cherla Sastry talked about Canada’s contributions to the bamboo industry around the world. We started our ceremonial planting with the children to commorate the next generation and healthier future with thanks to bamboo.>>

From Ravi Abhilash of Christian College, Kerala, India:

<< As part of World Bamboo Day-2012, the Bhoomithrasena Club (Friends of Earth) of Christian College (University of Kerala), Chengannur, Kerala, India organized various action programmes as well as awareness programmes to educate the students regarding the importance of Bamboo. The club members under the leadership of Faculty in Charge, Dr. Abhilash R., Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, planted different varieties of bamboos at the campus. They were collected from Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The species include Bambusa multiplex, Bambusa variegata, Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa ventricosa, and Dendrocalamus brandisii.

A seminar on Bamboo and its uses was organized by student members of the club. The seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Mathew Varghese, the honourable principal of the College and an ardent lover of bamboos. He presented a paper on the economic and ecosystem values of bamboo and promised to set up a bambusetum in our campus. The student members of Mathematics, English, Botany and Zoology Departments presented various papers on the occasion. A website of Uravu (, a Non-Governmental Organization that promotes the use and cultivation of bamboo in Kerala was introduced to the students. The club is planning to prepare an information brochure on bamboos in local language, which can be distributed in nearby educational institutions. >>

From K.C. Koshy, Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute :

<< Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (JNTBGRI), Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, celebrated the World Bamboo Day on 18th September 2012 with fervor and enthusiasm. Following were the programmes.
1.      Education programmes for one batch of 25 BSc students & their teachers, Biodiversity Management Committee of Peringammala Panchayath (local self Government), and three NGOs    2.  Demonstrations included bamboo propagation and planting, conducted by scientists and technical staff of JNTBGRI and bamboo craft making by traditional  craftsmen.   3.  Sapling distribution;  Inaugural distribution of Bambusa pallida seedlings from a clump in the Bambusetum   4.      Bamboo planting ceremony   5.      Bamboo identification contest. The programme was held in the Bambusetum, under the beautiful canopy of bamboo clumps. Seventy (70) participants including students and members of three NGOs took part. They included:

1.      Botany Graduate students  from Iqbal College, Peringammala,
2.      Upper primary Students and teachers from SN UP school, Kollayil
3.      Biodiversity Management Committee of Peringammala Panchayath (local self Government)
4.      Members from Kerala Sastrasahitya Parishath, Palode
5.      Fighters Eco-Club, Nanniyode

The function started at 10 am. Dr P G Latha, Director, JNTBGRI delivered an inaugural address. She explained in detail the significance of JNTBGRI Bambusetum. It is the largest and the best scientifically maintained Bambusetum in India harbouring 69 species spread out in an area of 16.28 acres. She made the inaugural distribution of the seedlings of Bambusa pallida to the participants (please see details of the species at the end).  Dr P J Mathew, Head, Plant Genetic Resources Division, JNTBGRI explained the history of this Bambusetum and how this has grown into such a level during the last 25 years. He praised the dedicated efforts of the Bamboo Biology group and said that this would be a source for future bamboo research and India.   Dr K C Koshy, Scientist and leader of Bamboo Biology group, JNTBGRI, spoke on the general aspects of bamboo, its systematics, distribution, economic uses and its potential in the modern world as a biodegradable material. He explained various services offered through the Bambusetum. The Bambusetum functions as a demo plot for farmers to understand the qualities of each species before they select the suitable one for cultivation as per their need. Saplings of various species are being provided from the Bambusetum. Living collections help taxonomists study them at close quarters. Easy access to species and samples attract researchers from other scientific fields thus paving way for interdisciplinary studies on bamboos. Bamboo clumps favour growth of a variety of organisms such as fungi, lichens, mushrooms, slugs, snails and ants, opening opportunities for studying such groups. Demonstration of bamboo weaving by traditional communities was a cynosure of the programme.  Six traditional bamboo craft workers from Kani and Paraya tribal communities demonstrated their weaving skill which was well appreciated by young and old participants. The baskets, mats etc made by them were purchased by the participants. Demonstration on bamboo propagation and planting conducted by Mr B. Gopakumar and K. Asokachandran Nair included the traditional offset planting, seed planting, improvised offset size reduction, tiller separation, culm and branch cuttings, layerings etc. As a mark of the day, a species collected by Mr. N. Salahudeen from Arunachal Pradesh was planted by Dr. P. J. Mathew, in presence of participants.

The student participants enthusiastically participated in the bamboo identification contest. During the feedback session participants expressed their desire to involve in such workshops and follow up programmes in future. The programme ended at 1.30 pm and thereafter participants joined for lunch.  About the bamboo species distributed:  Bambusa pallida Munro is distributed in North East India, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. The species was introduced to JNTBGRI Bambusetum from Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun on 17.9.1988. This clump flowered after 23 years of its introduction and set seeds. Seedlings raised were distributed to farmers, NGOs and visitors. >>

From Joshua Hishey,

<< We are Alaya Design Studio, a design led social enterprise based in Uttarakhand, a state located in north-west India among the Central Himalayas. We work with craft and skill-based producer communities and individual entrepreneurs in the region to design, produce and market a range of Furniture, Lighting and Home accessories made from 100% natural and renewable materials such as Bamboo, Natural fibers, non-endangered wood and assorted Recycled materials. For more information on our work please see:
AlayaDesignStudio   We have a retail outlet in Dehradun and also sell through different online platforms. It is celebrating the World Bamboo Day by launching a new collection of Furniture designed in Bamboo, and offering a 15% discount on all bamboo products to our customers for the whole week (17th -23rd Sept 2012). >>

From J.P. Singh, of the Indian Forest Service, Odisha:

<< I am glad to inform you that Odisha Bamboo Development Agency celebrated World Bamboo Day on 18th September at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Highlights of the celebration are as follows:  i.) Welcome song on importance of Bamboo, ii.) Powerpoint presentation on Status of Bamboo Development in the World, in India and in Odisha by Dr. J.P.Singh, Indian Forest Service , Bamboo Mission Director, Odisha Bamboo Development Agency, iii.) Prizes distributed to Students, Bamboo Artisans and Progressive farmers selected from Odisha province, iv.) Experience sharing with Bamboo Artisans and Potential farmers, and v.) a film was played on the important uses of bamboo, production methods, and processing. >>

From Anto Rimbawanto of Bambu Nusa Verde, from the WBD Celebration at Borobudur, Jakarta Indonesia:

<< It has been a very successful event and a very rewarding experience.  The celebration included three aspects:  First, a seminar on “Bamboo cultivation and utilization for sustainable growth and prosperity of rural people” was held on 17 September 2012 in Yogyakarta, followed by a festive celebration of WBD 2012, “Plant bamboo for sustainable prosperity of rural people”, held on 18 September 2012 in Wringin Putih, Borobudur, and then an art and culture festival held from 19-22 September 2012 at Pondok Tingal Hotel, Borobudur.

One of the highlights of our WBD celebration is what we called “Borobudur Declaration”, in which participating bamboo enthusiast, bamboo scientist, bamboo industry (mostly small scale), bamboo activist, artist and government agency declare the resurrection of bamboo in the nation, with the objective of : Revitalizing bamboo as a rural economic power for the people’s prosperity and sustainable environment, as well as strengthening the cultural, social ethics and dignify society.

THE BOROBUDUR DECLARATION – 18th September 2012.  Considering the threats and problems of multidimensional damages such as endangered lands, floods and landslides; poverty as economic disaster; potential decline of economy, global warming and climate change; bamboo awareness decline and destruction of any cultural values endanger our unified nation. Given that the Indonesians have a commodity called bamboo, a multi dimension commodity of the people, whether biological, economical, cultural and environmental, but which has long been neglected. Noting the ideas, wishes, initiatives have been developed during the past months of intensive preparations and meetings to celebrate ‘World Bamboo Day” up to in-depth exploration during the “Seminar Bamboo Cultivation and Industry for the welfare of the society” has come up with the conclusion that Bamboo is peoples commodity, the world and domestic market opportunities for the bamboo commodities are very large, bamboo has a comparative advantage, with the technology it is possible to enhance bamboo as a commodity with a competitive advantage, multipurpose benefits, bamboo is not optimal used and the role of bamboo in the rehabilitation of the damage environment- ecosystem, including the reduction of global warming, as well as commitment to fighting to evoke bamboo cultivation; then today Tuesday date 18th September 2012: we as Indonesians people declared national action plan: BAMBOO FOR THE RESURRECTION OF. NATION – 18th SEPTEMBER 2012 ” By Platform: Generating bamboo as an independent populist economic power and friendly to the environment, strengthen the cultural and social ethics encourage people with dignity With courses of action: 1. Village action program “to plant a thousand groves” 2. The Campaign that bamboo becomes the pillar of a fair economy. 3. Engineering technology programs to increase the value-added products 4. Programs to promote bamboo as a part of our culture 5. Program to established an national bamboo council 6. Environmental restoration program >>    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Indonesian media source:

<< ”According to Marc Peeters, one of the initiators of World Bamboo Day of the World Bamboo Organization (WBO), Borobudur was chosen because bamboo as a commodity plant has been marginalized. Moreover, to date, there is no concern of the government to issue a policy related to bamboo development. The mission behind the WBD is for the development of bamboo using the Borobudur, a World Herritage site, to go global with bamboo in Indonesia” >>

From Sergio Hernandez Martinez of  Bambues y Forestales, Xalapa, Mexico:

<<  A Natural Celebration in Mexico 2012.  As in many others countries we also did celebrate World Bamboo Day 2012, during a meeting of Mexican bamboo lovers of Veracruz State, in the Botanic Garden of Xalapa city, when all together and close to our native bamboo species, we shouted,  “BAMBUUU”,  after we finished a work session regarding the organization of our next bamboo forum October 18th and 19th /2012. >>

From Indrani Mukherjee of Kenandbamboooz in Bangalore, India:

<< We celebrated world bamboo day with Architect Neelam Manjunath at her CGBMT premises, Bangalore. It was a wonderful event. Mr. I.V Ramanuja Rao (one of the founders of WBO) was the chief guest (Programme Director-INBAR). Dr. Chatpalli (Advisor-Member-Skill Commission Govt. of Karnataka) and other dignitaries, including Architects,Designers & students of CGBMT,Bangalore took part. We also had a Bamboo workshop in the post lunch session. Even school children, including my daughter, enjoyed making a few innovative bamboo structures. Once again wish a very happy World Bamboo Day. >>

From Unnikrishna Pakkanar, Kerala, India:

<< World Bamboo Day celebrations at Vazhachal stress the importance of Bamboo to deal with Climate Change. The World Bamboo Day Celebrations were celebrated at Vazhachal, Athirapilly, Trissur, South India on 18th September, 2012. Unnikrishna Pakkanar, the Founder Director of Creator Folklore and Contemporary Concepts organized the World Bamboo Day celebration at Vazhachal, Athirapilly, Trissur, Kerala, South India. Pakkanar welcomed the gathering. Speaking on the occasion he told, “Without Grass No Water. I am an Indian I trust the grass (Bamboo). Dronacharyar started with a Bamboo. This is Bamboo Day. Just remember or read Mahabaratham”.  The global warming is challenging the planet today in different ways. Our livelihoods and lives we live are being questioned by Mother Nature.  We need to bring down the global warming by planting various kinds of trees which will eventually cool this planet and return it back to normalcy. Bamboo being a grass grows much faster and is one of the best floras that can bring down the Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Environment Awareness is the key to the success of these initiatives and days like this Bamboo day go a long way in creating the much required awareness in the society, added Unnikrishna Pakkanar.  He also welcomed the decision of Environment Minister Ms.Jayanthi Natarajan, that the Bamboo should be classified as a minor forest produce as it is a grass and the auctions must be conducted by the community, the share of the profit must go to the community like in North East India, felt Mr.Pakkanar. With the kind of development that is happening in Kerala and rest of India, the traditional artisans and bamboo related Scheduled Castes and Tribes are denied any right for their livelihood in Kerala. The best thing that can happen is by sharing of profits and resources so that poor in this country also can survive. Stressing his mission and watchwords that is “Consume Less-Share Better”, Mr. Pakkanar added this attitude alone can make Bamboo survive and also can go a long way in making Bamboo a household commodity rather than seen as some aesthetic material to decorate only some rich houses. The programme started at 10 am was inaugurated by Athirapilly Panchayath Ward member Sri Murali Chakkanthara. About 100 tribal students planted Bamboo at the school premises. 1000 Bamboo Saplings were distributed. The Chief Conservator of Forests Sri Juppidi Prasad inaugurated the Bamboo Painting Competition. Speaking on the occasion Sri Prasad appreciated Unnikrishna Pakkanar for his initiative and dedication to conduct this event. He also distributed the Bamboo Saplings to the students and people who attended the event. Vazhachal Divisional Forest Officer Sri Abdul Nazar Kunju inaugurated the Mulapanikootam (Bamboo Crafts Exhibition). A seminar on Bamboo was held for college students and for community people on importance of Bamboo in our lives. Sri V.K.Sreedharan, from Sangeeth Natya Academy was the moderator for the session. Dr K.C. Soman (KFRI) spoke on various varieties of Bamboo, stressed on how Bamboo is going to play a big role in the future of this planet. Dr. Sister Rose Anto spoke about the importance of ecology and the significance of the day like Bamboo Day.  Sri Ullash Kumar, Eco Watch Bengaluru spoke of how Bamboo plays a big role with all other natural grass in the hydrology of the entire south India. He stressed that “Grasslands means Water”. The rivers in south originate from Grasslands. Bamboo also is significant in reducing the global warming. Vazhachal Oorumoopan Lakshmanan (Tribal Leader),  Pokalapara Oorumoopan Subramanian (Tribal Leader from Pokalapara), Dr K C Soman, Kerala Forest Research Institute, Dr.Sister Rose Anto, V.K.Sreedharan and Ullash Kumar , Eco Watch Bangalore spoke on Bamboo conservation. The valedictory function was attended by Chalakudy MLA Sri  B.D. Devvassy.    Sri Devassy MLA speaking on the occasion stressed the importance of bamboo as a solution to deal with Climatic Changes. He spoke how the Kanni Konna (Cassia Fistula) which blooms in April, this year flowered in September. Cassia Fistula is one of most sacred flowers for the Keralities and they use it for celebrating Vishu, now this year the flower was seen during Onam due to climate change. He felt the climate has changed drastically and that is the reason for these things happening.  He stressed that planting Bamboo can go a long way in bringing down the climatic changes. The valedictory also saw music by Karinthalakkottam and Bamboo Symphony. The music from Eco friendly Bamboo was enjoyed by one and all including the guests who came to Vazhachal. Sri B.D.Devassy, MLA of Chalakudy constituency distributed certificates to the participants of the daylong event. >>

From Shazila Ghazi of Bamboo Malaysia:

<< I am proud to inform that it was our 1st celebration in Malaysia and we’ve received good response throughout the week. Our theme was “Design Your Future with Bamboo”, in which we developed a special logo (masthead) to be featured in all our advertising and promotion collaterals.  Some of the highlights:
1) Eco-Bamboo Fashion Show – which we engaged local designers to use bamboo fabric (woven & knitted)
2) The Sound of Bamboo Musical Performance
3) Special Forum with the theme “Design Your Future with Bamboo” – highlights on 3 invited guests which spoke on “Bamboo Health”, “Bamboo, the versatile green material” and “Bamboo, a sustainable construction material of the future”
4) Bamboo Shoot Eating Competition
5) Guess the Bamboo Tea Contest
6) Cooking Demonstration by 2 chefs – featuring “bamboo shoot salad” and “bamboo shoot dessert”
7) Bamboo Design Competition – university students
8) Bamboo Coloring Contest – for young kids
9) Bamboo Pledges
10) Quizzy-Boo – whereby we tested the general public what they know about bamboo


And for the Announcement of the WINNERS of the Official World Bamboo Day 2012 Contest!

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18/09 2012

WBD Israel, from Ran Lichtner

To celebrate World Bamboo Day 2012, Iwent to Rotem, an alternative small village in the Jordan valley where a bamboosiast friend- Guy Ashwal – is living. We planted a few bamboo plants including Phyllostachys pubecense  (moso), probably the first moso in the Jordan valley.

Guy had already planted some bamboos previously along the entrance road to his village and now it makes such a surprising, green beautiful entrance to this place in the desert.
A simple effort, but rewarding and admired by many.
~ Ran Lichtner
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11/09 2012

From Odisha, India

Please see the activities of the bamboo development in the Province of Odisha , India, found on the website of the organization :

On the eve of World Bamboo Day 2012 they will celebrate WBD with various colorful programs in the city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha Province in India. Among the activities, there will be a drawing competition amongst the school students on the importance and uses of bamboo. Selected potential bamboo growers and bamboo craft artisans will be recognized and prizes will be awarded. Additionally, there will be a song and music programme and presentations by many bamboo specialists, as well as by the Forest Officer.  A newsletter on bamboo will be distributed.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. J.P.Singh, IFS
Ph.D. Forestry, from United Kingdom
Chief Conservator of Forests cum
State Mission Director
Odisha Bamboo Development Agency, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Postal Address
Plot G-16, Subhadra Villa, Jagamara, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 751030,
Tel Contact: 919437805776

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7/09 2012

Where to go to celebrate World Bamboo Day!



Official Venues, Hosts and Dates of the 2012 World Bamboo Day Celebration Contest:

Sheung Wan, HONG KONG ~ Innovasians ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Lizette Smook,

Borobudur Temple, Central Java INDONESIA~ Celebrating World Bamboo Day 2012 ~ September 17-22  ~For more info, contact Anto Rimbawanto,

Medan, North Sumatera, INDONESIA ~ Bambu Sumatera ~ September 18 ~ For more information, contact Rahmawaty,

Kumasi, GHANA ~ Bio Bamboo International (BBI) ~ September 17 & 18 ~For more info, contact Dr. Stephen Lartey Tekpetey,

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA ~ VSS Bamboo ~ September 15 ~For more info, contact Trevor Sims, /

Uhuru Park, Nairobi KENYA ~ Elegance Bamboo Ventures ~ September 18 ~For more info, contact Boniface Maina,

Kowie Bamboo Farm, Eastern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA ~ EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Samantha Wilde, /

Beacon Bay, East London, Eastern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA ~ Eastern Cape Bamboo Initiative ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Ken Bern,

Entebbe, UGANDA ~ Uganda Bamboo Society ~ September 22 – 27 ~ For more information, contact Charles Mulamata,

Lapenne, Ariege FRANCE ~ Le Parc aux Bambous ~ September 18 and September 23 ~For more info, contact Francois Rosenzweig, /

Aguadilla, San Sebastian PUERTO RICO USA ~ Bamboo Puerto Rico ~ September 15 ~For more info, contact Mariano Robledo Diaz, / Facebook Group Los Bambuseros de Puerto Rico /

Kandy, Mawatura SRI LANKA ~ Riverine Bamboo Project ~ September 18  ~For more info, contact Sumitra Balasooriya,

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA ~ Bamboo Malaysia ~ September 17 – 23 ~For more info, contact Shazila Ghazi,

Arellano University Pasig, Pasig City PHILIPPINES ~ Arellano University ComDev ~ September 15 / 17,18,19  ~For more info, contact Ramon Parica Jr.,

La Trinidad, Benguet PHILIPPINES ~ Bamboo Uniting and Organizing Groups (BAMBUORG) ~  September 10  ~For more info, contact Marcus Lloyd Lubrica, /

K.C. National High School, Kidapawan City, Cotabato PHILIPPINES ~ Cotabato Bamboo Industry Development Council ~ Sept. 18   ~ For more info, contact Rimmon A. Paren, / Facebook Group Cotabato Bamboo Network

South Cotabato province-wide, PHILIPPINES ~ South Cotabato Bamboo Industry Development Council ~ September 17-28 ~For more info, contact Siegfred Flaviano,

Riverbanks of Barangay Matias District, Talavera, Nueva Ecija PHILIPPINES ~ Lupo at Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Adhikain ng Sambahayan ~ September 22    ~ For more info, contact Hernando S. Cochingco,

Aramango/Amazonas, La Molina, Lima PERU ~ PERUBAMBU ~ September 22 ~For more info, contact Josefina Takahashi, /

National Institute of Design, Bangalore INDIA ~ NID Centre for Bamboo Initiatives ~ September 18 – 29 ~ For more information, contact   or

The Bambusetum of the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (JNTBGRI), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala INDIA ~ TBGRI ~ September 18 ~ For more information, contact Dr K.C.Koshy

Dimapur, Nagaland (Northeast) INDIA ~ Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency ~ September 18 ~For more info, contact Team Leader, /

Agartala, Tripura INDIA ~ Tripura Bamboo Mission ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Pravin L. Agrawal, /

Bhubaneswar, Odisha INDIA ~ Odisha Bamboo ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Dr. J.P. Singh, /

Garia Hathai, Atharabla, Udaipur, Tripura INDIA ~ Twipra Bamboo and Cane Handicrafts ~ September 18 ~ For more info, contact Samir Jamatia,

Ramnagar, Jim Corbett Park, Dist Nainital, Uttarkhand INDIA ~ Bambunman ~ September 16-18 ~ For more info, contact Ghani Zaman,

Idukki, Kerala, INDIA ~ Club Mahindra Munnar ~  September 16 – 23 ~ For more info, contact Depalan,

Point Pleasant, West Virginia USA ~ TLA Homes ~ September 29  ~  For more info, contact Patrick Leggett,

Toronto CANADA ~ Ontario Bamboo ~ September 18 ~   For more info, contact Vincent Villanis, /





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2/08 2012

From Anto Rimbawanto in Indonesia

I would like to share our excitement towards the much expected 2012 World Bamboo Day. Indonesia is rich in genetic diversity of bamboo, more than 150 species are known to exist with more than 60 species are indigenous. Yet, its utilization is still limited and has not always been sustainable. Towards this objective we are keen to join the celebration of the 2012 World Bamboo Day with a range of activities starting in June and culminating on the 18 September 2012.

To start with, in collaboration with the Management of Borobudur Temple and to mark the World Environment Day of June 6th, a simple bamboo planting ceremony and talks on bamboo were held at the Borobudur Temple meeting hall. In the coming months, together with an environmental NGO, series of bamboo awareness meeting will be held in every Sub-District in the District of Magelang in Central Java. Participants of this meeting will be farmers and villagers. The objective is to show the villagers of the various use and applications of bamboo, apart from the traditional use that they are already familiar.

On September 18th, there will be bamboo planting activity in the sub-district of Borobudur. The objective is to increase bamboo resources in the villages. Seminar and bamboo exhibition are also planned at Borobudur temple exhibition hall. Meanwhile in Yogyakarta, an education centre on crafts and arts is planning to have a festival on the role bamboo in arts and cultural live of Indonesian.

Bamboo Workshop is also planned in Malang, East Java in September, which will discuss issues of bamboo propagation, bamboo processing technology, networking between farmers and industry. There will also a bamboo planting ceremony in which all farmers attending the workshop will receive tissue cultured propagated bamboo plant courtesy of Bambu Nusa Verde Yogyakarta.

Cultural event is also being planned in Yogyakarta on the 18 September where exhibition of bamboo arts and crafts as well as traditional play related to bamboo will be displayed.

Celebration of World Bamboo Day will also be held in other places such as Jakarta and Bali,. When details of the activities are available, these will be shared to WBD.

We are very keen to be part of the 2012 WBD celebration.

Email Anto:

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16/06 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo sponsors “World Bamboo Day Contest 2012”


Show the world the amazing benefits of bamboo, be it the environmental significance as a timber alternative, its’ contemporary design potential, a sustainable energy source, an essential mixed forest product, a wasteland restorer, its’ role in poverty alleviation, or a nutritious food!

Organize now to host the most creative World Bamboo Day in your neighborhood and enter to win up to $500 (usd)!  The contest runs the entire month of September, focusing on the week of September 18th.

Each year, we encourage people to remember bamboo on World Bamboo Day, 18 September, and do something good for the Earth. Plant a bamboo, talk bamboo, build with bamboo, sing with bamboo, wear bamboo, eat bamboo, feed bamboo, breathe bamboo, or simply walk among the bamboo and feel good.

This year’s contest is sponsored by EcoPlanet Bamboo in affiliation with the World Bamboo Organization.

For more information about EcoPlanet Bamboo, please visit their website,