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  • WINNERS of the 2012 World Bamboo Day Contest!

    This year's World Bamboo Day - 18 September - was incredibly celebrated by thousands of people around the globe.  We here at World Bamboo are inspired and amazed by the growth and enthusiasm in which this day is evolving, and look forward with optimism to future celebrations.   This year's contest, sponsored by our friends at EcoPlanet Bamboo, brought a wide array of people together to promote our common mission of promoting awareness and sustainable development of bamboo utilization.  Twenty-nine groups entered as contestants, vying for prize moneys in three categories. We proudly thank all of you out there around the world who celebrated bamboo in honor of World Bamboo Day!  Some of you sat quietly in contemplation under the canopy of bamboo, while others sang and danced.  Some took part in painting competitions, bamboo-shoot cooking competitions, attended lectures and presentations, or planted bamboo to help the environment. President Michel Abadie celebrated in Paris (see photo).  We salute BAMBOO, and we salute you!  


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      2012 World Bamboo Day Contest:

    –> First Place Winner for the “Most Creative World Bamboo Day Event 2012″  $500.(usd)

    Name of Group: Bamboo Malaysia,

    led by Shazila Ghazi  <>

    Partners: Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and others

    Location: Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

    –> First Place Winner for the “Largest Crowd World Bamboo Day Event 2012”  $250.(usd)

    Name of Group: Arellano University,

    led by Ramon Parica, Jr.   <>

    Partners: Arellano University, Dept of Environment and Natural Resources Ecosystem Research and Development Bureau (DENR-ERDB), Kawayan Farm Piliila, Local government unit of Pangil, Laguna

    Location: AU Pasig, Manila, PHILIPPINES

    –> Two - First Place Winners in the category “Bamboo is Important because…” $250.(usd)

    1> Name of group: Celebrating World Bamboo Day 2012 Borobudur

    led by Anto Rimbawanto  <>

    Parnters: Center for Training of Teaching Staff on Arts and Culture, PATRA-PALA Foundation for Socio Ecology and Ecotourism, Centre for Watershed Management of Serayu Opak Progo, Borobudur Temple Tourism Park, Sahabat Bambu, Bambu Nusa Verde

    Location: Borobudur, Jakarta INDONESIA

    2> Name of group: Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute,

    led by K.C. Koshy <>

    Partners: Botany Graduate students from Iqbal College, Peringammala, Upper primary Students and teachers from SN UP school, Kollayil, Biodiversity Management Committee of Peringammala Panchayath (local self Government), Members from Kerala Sastrasahitya Parishath, Palode, and Fighters Eco-Club, Nanniyode

    Location: Palode, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala INDIA

    Many photos were posted on the World Bamboo Day Facebook page, and many are posted here on this site.  (See Flickr, right column)

    Stay tuned for WORLD BAMBOO DAY 2013 CELEBRATIONS!

  • EcoPlanet Bamboo sponsors “World Bamboo Day Contest 2012”


    Show the world the amazing benefits of bamboo, be it the environmental significance as a timber alternative, its’ contemporary design potential, a sustainable energy source, an essential mixed forest product, a wasteland restorer, its’ role in poverty alleviation, or a nutritious food! Organize now to host the most creative World Bamboo Day in your neighborhood and enter to win up to $500 (usd)!  The contest runs the entire month of September, focusing on the week of September 18th. Each year, we encourage people to remember bamboo on World Bamboo Day, 18 September, and do something good for the Earth. Plant a bamboo, talk bamboo, build with bamboo, sing with bamboo, wear bamboo, eat bamboo, feed bamboo, breathe bamboo, or simply walk among the bamboo and feel good. This year’s contest is sponsored by EcoPlanet Bamboo in affiliation with the World Bamboo Organization. For more information about EcoPlanet Bamboo, please visit their website, (more…)